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Gas Water Heater
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WM-C007 Deepdraw body flue type gas water heater
WM-CS082 Color Steel Gas Water Heater
Name: Gas Water Heater (WM-C060P)
Model No.: WM-C060P
Brand Name:
Product Description

Main Features:
Turn on the tap and the torch battery-powered ignition fires up automatically, supplying instant hot water on demand.
Fitted with a constant temperature control device, steady supply of hot water, with a rise up to a maximum of 75 Celsius when the safety over-heat device will kick in
Full range of safety features, and have been independently tested to comply with Russia safety standards.
*Low water pressure starting
*Flame failure safety device
*20 minute timer
*Water pressure protection
*Overheat protection
*Anti dry burning protection
*Anti freeze protection
Work well on a varying range of water pressure;
Note: these units are intended mainly for indoor use, with exhaust fumes vented outdoors with a flue pipe.
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