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WM-C079 Gas water heater 6L-12L
Name: WM-C078 Gas water heater 6L-12L
Model No.: WM-C078
Product Description
Technical Data:
Rated Heat input: 16KW
Rated Capacity: 8kg/min (25 centigrade temperature rising);
Gas Type: NG/ LPG
Igniting Type: Electric Pulse Ignition
Exhaust Type: Flue/Force exhaust
Water Pressure Rangers: 0.25~8 bar
Gas Inlet: 1/2"
Water Outlet: 1/2"
Product Dimensions: 550x340x175mm
Packing Dimensions: 675x390x225mm
Loading Capacity: 485/20'GP, 1000/40'GP, 1170/40'HQ

With LCD displayer
Body: 0.6mm Color steel with wire drawing finish
Burner: INOX, 5 burners;
Valve: Standard valve;
Heat exchanger: 2.0kg;
Above specification can be customized.

6L, 7L, 9L, 10L, 12L available;

Main features:
Elegant design shape
High efficiency and energy-saving combustion system
With multi protection functions:
Protection from high temperature and over-heating.
Protection from flame failure.
Protection from over water pressure and frost
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