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1. What is the gas water heater?
Many residents of the capital in their everyday life are confronted daily with such a household appliance, like a gas stove. What is it?  Better or worse than the trunk hot water, how reliable and secure these devices, how to make sense of all the diversity of choice.  What actually prefer domestic or imported appliance, small appliance or greater productivity, streamlined service or low price?  We hope that the answers to these questions can be found in this article.
The use of gas instantaneous water heaters, is one of the design decisions hot water flats of the last century.  The advantages of this solution are obvious: in the building wiring is installed only cold water and gas, hot water in the apartment is always and not depend on preventive maintenance and repair work on the heating plant.

When selecting a new gas appliance must be considered some factors affecting the heating of hot water:
1.  The minimum water pressure at the inlet of the appliance.
2.  The diameter of the pipe liner and the gas pressure.
3.  Number of points parsing hot water and used plumbing.
4.  Power unit (kW), its performance (l / min).
5.  The size and design of the device.
6.  Appearance and price. 

 In homes where there may be fluctuations in water pressure below 1 atm.  better to set column include the minimum water pressure 0.1 atm.

2. How do tankless water heaters work?
What are the advantages of a tankless water heater system?
A tankless water heater also known as a point of use water heater or on demand water heater, turns on when you open a hot water faucet and turns off when you close the faucet, so the energy that is consumed is only for the hot water that is being used. Since there is no storage of hot water and thus no constant heating and re-heating of stored hot water, you’re not wasting energy heating water when you do not need it, such as when you’re sleeping or not at home. This energy savings translates to dollar savings for you and reduced impact on our environment. Furthermore, since a tankless water heater heats the water as you use it, you can have an endless supply of hot water, provided you size the unit appropriately. Tankless water heaters are also designed to last for 20 years and are smaller than hot water tanks.

When a hot water tap is opened, the cold water enters the heater and triggers the heating elements or burners to turn on. Your hot water tap acts as an ignition key for the energy used to heat the hot water you need. The water is then heated as it flows through the heating elements or heat exchanger. As you change the water flow, a water valve or thermostat controls the heating elements or burner flame to maintain a constant temperature. The amount of energy used is always proportional to the volume of hot water being used. When the hot water tap is turned off, the system shuts down.

3. What capacity of gas water heater should I choose?
In the one-bedroom apartments can install gas water heaters with capacity 12-22kW and performance of  6-11 l / min.  They have small size and low price. 
In two or three bedroom apartments can install gas water heaters with a capacity of 23-28 kW Standard and the productivity 12-14 l / min.
The apartments have more than 2 points parsing of hot water or sanitary standard, as well as for those who wish to have more hot water you can install gas water heaters with capacity of 32-40 kW and productivity 16-20 l / min.

4. What factors do I need to consider before making a purchase?
Choose Gas or Electric
– gas water heaters are typically more powerful than electric hot water heaters, however the gas models have specific venting, combustion air, and gas line requirements. Each requirement is summarized in the product comparisons and detailed in the installation manual on each product Tech and Specs pages - please review for the best on demand water for you!

If I want to install a gas tankless water heater - what information do I need for venting and make up air?
 Well - each gas tankless water heater has special needs - so the best idea it to check out the tech and specs of the water heater you are interested in or download online manual in our "DOWNLOADS" tag.


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